who is h reddit , how to use reddit

What is Reddit mostly used for?

Reddit is a social news website and forum where content is socially curated and promoted by site members through voting.

What is Reddit and how does it work?

Reddit is a community-determined aggregator of content. It is a social platform where users submit posts that other users ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ based on if they like it. If a post gets lots of upvotes it moves up the Reddit rankings so that more people can see it.Feb 28, 2018

How do I create a subreddit in 2021?

How do I create a subreddit in 2021? The mandatory requirement to create a subreddit is having a Reddit account. Once you have an account, go to your homepage and click create your own subreddit located on the right-hand sidebar. You will then see a table where you can put your subreddit details.Feb 25, 2021

How many karma do you need to make a subreddit?

How Much Karma Do I Need to Create a Subreddit? The exact number isn’t clear, but some users speculate it to be 50. Regardless, you just have to be active on Reddit and gain lots of upvotes and replies. You’ll amass lots of karma eventually.Jun 14, 2021

Can I create a community on Reddit?

You can start a community directly from the Create Community page. You can start a community directly from the Create a subreddit page. Tap on your avatar to open your profile menu, then tap Create a community. Check out our Mod Help Center article for more information and resources for mods.May 7, 2021

Can you make money from a Reddit sub?

Definitely NO. Reddit does not allow its users to monetize sub-reddits and earn money from it directly. You should not put ads on your sub-reddit because if you do so, you might get banned immediately. You can only leverage Reddit to boost your own business by participating in the communities.Feb 11, 2019

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