when are waitrose christmas slots released 2021 , when do ocado slots become available

Are Waitrose releasing any delivery slots?

New slots are released daily and we are working hard to provide more availability. We are sorry if a delivery slot is not available to you at this time. If you are able to collect your shopping, please try booking a Click & Collect slot.

What time do Waitrose delivery slots get released?

Supermarket home deliveries during coronavirus lockdown Slots are released every midnight.9 Apr 2020

How far in advance can you book a Waitrose slot?

seven days in

What time do Ocado release new delivery slots?

6 pm

How far ahead can I book an Ocado slot?

Your first available Ocado Reserved slot will be in 30 days! After that, we’ll deliver your order whenever you choose. While bagging your favourite slot is a free service, you’ll still need to pay for your deliveries as normal.

Why are there no Ocado slots available?

We’re working round the clock to increase our capacity and, whenever possible, constantly release new slots. If you don’t see any available when you first log in then please check back later. On some occasions, slots can get booked up faster than usual.

How do Ocado slots work?

Once you’ve chosen a suitable slot, click to reserve. The slot you’ve selected will be held for 60 minutes, giving you time to complete your shop. If you want to keep the delivery slot for longer, simply place your order then amend it before the cut-off time for your delivery.

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