what is paddy power , why is my paddy power account closed

What does Paddy Power do?

Paddy Power is known as the ‘Home of the Money Back Special’. We offer specials on everything from soccer and horse racing to Formula One and novelty markets. We have also expanded to include online games, casino and poker which are all available on mobile.

What makes Paddy Power different?

Paddy Power accomplished this by offering top-notch customer service, providing entertainment at its shops, and creating an inviting atmosphere in which customers felt welcome. This approach differed from other bookmakers at the time, and it was the key to their popularity of the fledgling enterprise.

Why is Paddy Power called Paddy Power?

The Power name was considered the strongest brand among the merged shops, while the “Paddy” name and green colouring emphasised the chain’s Irishness at a time when the fragmented Irish industry was facing competition from British betting chains entering the market in response to changes in the Irish tax code.

How do I get my Paddy Power account back?

Log into your account. 2. Once you place a bet, make a deposit or make a withdrawal your account will be reactivated. The monthly charge will be deducted every month your account remains inactive until the balance is 0.

How many Paddy Power accounts can you have?

One Account is permitted per customer. Paddy Power can close down any duplicate Accounts and to cancel any Bets on duplicate Accounts.

Can you reopen a self excluded account?

During the self-exclusion period, you will be unable to reopen your account for any reason. This is due to the restrictions that will have been placed on your account and hereby prevent you from doing any more gambling.25 Aug 2018

How long is Paddy Power self exclusion?

6 months to 5 years

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