how to see who blocked you on twitter , what does impressions mean on twitter

What is a good number of impressions on Twitter?

How many Twitter Impressions is good? Tweet Impressions: if you get more than 20% impressions over your followers that will be good. This number usually changes, but 20% would be great. It means that at least 20% of your followers saw the tweet.

Does impressions mean views on Twitter?

Impressions represent the number of times that a given Tweet has been viewed on the Twitter platform in an organic context.

What do impressions and engagements mean on Twitter?

The total number of times your tweet appears in a user’s timeline or search results. Engagement. The total number of times a user interacted with your tweets. Interactions could be anything from retweeting your content, replying, sharing, or liking.Dec 13, 2019

Why is Elon Musk buying Twitter?

He said: Musk offered to buy Twitter in early April, pushing the value of the company from just under $40 per share to more than $50. While under its recent record highs set in 2021, the price that Musk agreed to pay for Twitter was a comfortable premium over its then-trading price.May 24, 2022

What was the point of buying Twitter?

Well, as you know, Twitter has a new owner – Elon Musk. He is, as you know, the richest man on earth. Musk says he bought Twitter to defend democracy and to protect freedom of expression.Apr 28, 2022

Is Twitter a good investment?

Currently, Twitter Inc’s price-earnings ratio is 157.9. Twitter Inc’s trailing 12-month revenue is $5.2 billion with a 4.3% profit margin. Year-over-year quarterly sales growth most recently was 15.9%. Analysts expect adjusted earnings to reach $1.669 per share for the current fiscal year.

Who want to buy Twitter?

Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter, once thought of as a long shot, has now been accepted. The billionaire will pay about $44 billion for the company in a deal expected to close this year, Twitter said in a news release Monday.Apr 25, 2022

What are the stars on Twitter?

When you enjoy something on Twitter, or when someone tweets at you and you want to politely acknowledge them as people but you don’t care to engage, you grace that something with a “favorite.” The “favorite” is represented by a yellow star.Nov 3, 2015

What does the purple star symbol mean on Twitter?

User requested account closure A couple of days ago, all out of the blue, I started getting these “purple star” notifications. These are super annoying, they are notifications pushed to me that indicate people I follow are doing things not at all related to me.Oct 1, 2019

What has Julie Burchill said?

In December 2020, Burchill posted a series of defamatory tweets and Facebook posts about journalist Ash Sarkar, which included claims that Sarkar condones paedophilia and is supportive of Islamist terrorism. Burchill called on her Facebook followers to “wade in on Twitter” against “the Islamists” and the “nonces”.

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