how to make a sub reddit , what is r place on reddit

How do I create a subreddit in 2021?

How do I create a subreddit in 2021? The mandatory requirement to create a subreddit is having a Reddit account. Once you have an account, go to your homepage and click create your own subreddit located on the right-hand sidebar. You will then see a table where you can put your subreddit details.Feb 25, 2021

How many karma do you need to make a subreddit?

How Much Karma Do I Need to Create a Subreddit? The exact number isn’t clear, but some users speculate it to be 50. Regardless, you just have to be active on Reddit and gain lots of upvotes and replies. You’ll amass lots of karma eventually.Jun 14, 2021

Can I create a community on Reddit?

You can start a community directly from the Create Community page. You can start a community directly from the Create a subreddit page. Tap on your avatar to open your profile menu, then tap Create a community. Check out our Mod Help Center article for more information and resources for mods.May 7, 2021

How does Reddit r place work?

The r/place subreddit is a community on Reddit where anyone registered with the site is given access to a massive shared canvas and allowed to place a single tiny square on it every five minutes.Apr 3, 2022

How do I participate in R place?

In order to participate in r/place, one has to have a Reddit account. It doesn’t matter how old you are and Reddit is free to join. To participate, each user is allowed to click one pixel on a square grid consisting of 4 million pixels and change to it any color they want.Apr 6, 2022

How many squares are on R place?

r/place was a collaborative project and social experiment hosted on Reddit that began on April 1, 2017. It involved an online canvas of one million (1000×1000) pixel squares, where registered users could edit the canvas by changing the color of a single pixel from a 16-color palette.

What were the rules of R place?

The rules are simple. Each user can place one tile, a single pixel from a 16-color palette, on a 1000×1000 canvas every five or so minutes. This year, r/place reached around 3.3 million users, over three times that in 2017, prompting the canvas to double in size to 2000×2000 alongside 16 new colors.Apr 6, 2022

What do people really use Reddit for?

Reddit is a website where users can view and share links or text posts for others to see. These posts range from pictures and videos to news and discussion threads. With hundreds of millions of users, Reddit has become one of the most popular websites globally and has provided a platform for up-to-date news and trends.

Can someone find out who you are on Reddit?

Because unlike some sites, Reddit doesn’t have any sort of directory where you can find a specific user you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll need to search for their exact username, or input it into a URL.Apr 8, 2020

What can we do in Reddit?

Reddit combines web content, social news, a forum, and a social network into one giant beast of a platform. Registered members can contribute to the site with content such as images, text, videos, and links. All content on the site can be voted up or down by other members.Mar 11, 2022

Can you save videos from Reddit?

Go to the RedditSave website, paste the copied URL, then click on “Download.” The new page that loads displays the video’s title, a preview image, the audio status, and presents your download options. Click on “Download HD Video” or “SD Version.” Choose your download options, then click on “Save.”Dec 19, 2021

How do you save a video from Reddit to your phone?

Tap the video to open the video player. You would find a Download button in the top right corner. Tap the button to save the Reddit video to your Android phone.Apr 10, 2021

How do you save Reddit videos online?

If you are on mobile, tap and hold the video until download option pops up. On desktop, right-click on the video and select Save Link as option. Downloaded reddit video has no sound, why? Some reddit videos have no sound or it might be an animated gif.

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